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Gay Wales started life in 1997 as a programme within “MESMAC Wales (North)” back in the day of having to use a modem to connect to the internet and it was rare for you to have a mobile phone. You were more likely to have a pager to be contacted urgenty if your phone line was permanently connected to the internet … LOL!! or for speeder access you’d have accessed the internet at University.

MESMAC Wales (North) was renamed MESMAC North Wales and while Gay Wales continued to be managed and designed by a MESMAC North Wales member.

MESMAC covering North Wales continues to be operated from Bangor and their website can be found at mesmac.com and they have a telephone helpline on Tuesdays between 7pm and 9pm on (01248) 371 367.

Gay Wales also worked on making sure that the listings guide in Gay Times was up to date. Eventually the listings were no longer published in Gay Times so we were able to ensure more time could be spent keeping Gay Wales up to date.

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